My name is Nikki Green, and I am the owner and founder of Ave Consulting Group. My company came to life after I decided to walk away from the corporate world. I knew that I could offer a more personal experience for job seekers and the companies that needed to find the perfect talent. With my deep networks in selectindustries and refined background in recruiting, I am your employment matchmaker!

As a child, my mother always told me to fly high and follow my dreams. "Ave" means bird in Spanish, so I decided this was the perfect name for my new company and a great way to honor my mother. By following my dreams and by stepping out on a foundation of faith and hard work, I created Ave Consulting Group.

I absolutely love my career! I believe since we spend most of our lives working that we should be able to work in a place that we feel appreciated and valued. I find it most rewarding when my clients tell me that I have placed the perfect match for their organization, or when a candidate says, "I got the job!"‚Äč

Let me know how I can help you and let's make today happen!

find Employers that match your career goals with your personal life balance

Finding a job can be challenging, time consuming and frustrating.  Finding the right job that matches your skill set, career goals and your personal life style presents even more challenges, especially while still employed.  That's where we come in.  We are a specialized staffing agency with a network of employers, professional associations and our growing list of satisfied permanent placements.  We leverage our contacts and learn more about you to highlight and market your strong points to find your perfect employment match. 

Find the right people with the skills and personality to match your organization

Professional service organizations are very "people-centric" and require great employees to succeed and become the best.  These people represent your organization and deserve top notch recruiting efforts that ultimately save you money and precious time.  We offer an extensive network of professionals with varying skill levels and backgrounds to tap into to find you the very best employees that match your organization's culture and skills requirements.  We will learn about your organization's culture and the skill requirements for each open position and present to you only the best candidates.


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